Atelier Du Peonfx x Stroom Fabriek 

In celebration of friendship which sparked from the love of the scene, way back from 2010. Atelier Du Peonfx and Stroom Fabriek decided to make a collaboration project. Since we really put high respect on craftsmanship, so we think it would be fun to make wooden cruiser decks and so later on, we called it “The Friendship Decks”.

Each decks has it own special Illustration on, “Sing! sing! Singapura!” and “Jakarta… be nice to me”. Both of illustrations inspired by our daily life living on each side of the city/country, Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. To know more about the project details go to PEONFX.

To know more about PEONFX, click HERE

photo credit: Peonfx and Stroom Fabriek

March was a good month for me, got the chance to travel and doing some art projects with Singaporean friends, one of it was with Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen. It was started around February, my good Singaporean friend, Jjay“Kat”Ali introduce me to Natalie, one of Hoopla owner, she talk about having my artwork to put on Hoopla’s wall. They already seen my work from this page and they like my coffee related art work, so I made this specially for Hoopla, SG. It is always nice meeting nice new people, who share the same passion and make it real into something fun. If you live in Singapore, please do visit HOOPLA or if you’re not a Singaporeans, please do put HOOPLA on your list if you visiting Singapore. Awesome place, nice people! 

Celebrating 25 years of Cemeti Art House, I’m so happy to be part of this project “1X 25 Jam” Art Exhibition, Rumah Seni Cemeti / Cemeti Art House, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. An Exhibition Project by the Winner of the Young Curator’s Forum, curated by Mitha Budhyarto. To know more about the project feel free to visit and for my work description on this project, click here.

been spending time up all night sewing these babies, for RAWAKINGDOM edition totebags.